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A recording career...

Agustin Maruri recorded his first album in 1990, since then he has completed 23 CDs and continues every year with new programmes for the guitar. Both in solo and in  chamber music combinations Maruri has recovered an important amount of musical works and composers.


 In 1991 Agustin Maruri and British cellist Michael Kevin Jones met in Madrid and started a concert activity that continues successfully today. As a result of this collaboration three albums  have been released with original music for this beautiful instrumental combination.


One important aspect in Maruri's discography is the emphasis on repertoire, research and diffusion of forgotten composers.

Adam Falckenhagen, Wenzeslaus Thomas Matiegka, Leonhard von Call, and many more have been rediscovered for the musical  world. Duos with violin,flute and violoncello, trios and quartets, a new chamber music world with guitar never recorded before. Performers like Michael Kevin Jones, Sabine Dreier and Gilles Coliard have given their talents to these unique recordings.


In 1999 Maruri was invited by the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York to start  a series of recordings at the Museum, using the historical instruments collection. Recorded in the Kirtlington Park Room, in these programmes Maruri pays a tribute to his native country Spain by recovering in first world recordings Spanish music from the XIX century unknown until now.


Following the recordings using historical instruments, Maruri presents the firsts world recording of Daniel Fortea compositions using a Domingo Esteso guitar of 1928. Also, the Jones Maruri cello guitar duo introduced a new recording of original music for this instrumental combination with original compositions by Erik Marchelie, Ferdinad Rebay,Anton Hauswirth,Radames Gnattali, Drew Hemenger and Walter Jentsch.


For 2007 Agustin Maruri presents the only available CD in the market presenting Andrés Segovia`s original compositions. For this recording Maruri plays a 1962 Hermann Hauser II guitar that belonged to Segovia.



Agustin Maruri recordings are distributed in 23 countries around the world;

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